Ideally situated in the medina, this place is breathtaking and a real gem

Fred • Paris • December 2016

Authentic, modern and spacious

John • San Diego • march 2017

From the lights inside, from the light of the sun, to the nooks and crannies, to the great feeling of space

Martine • Strasbourg • october 2016

Perfect family rooms

Maria • Madrid • january 2017

The seagulls ; the muezzin in the distance but, above all, the calm

Yves • Versailles • september 2016

The shaded terraces are perfect for lounging around and chilling out

Mathieu • Tanger • April 2017

A minimalistic decor, but with real attention to detail and a personal touch

Jérôme • Toulouse • july 2018

A fantastic canopy with unbelievable light

Lucy • Londres • february 2017

An ‘impossible to capture’ view over the bay of Tangiers, Spain and Gibraltar

Martin • Bordeaux • december 2016

Perfectly situated, a stone’s throw from the souks, in the heart of the medina

Virginie • Lille • may 2017

Barely 15 minutes from some amazing beaches

Michael • Berlin • avril 2018